Easy enough, right? Yes, you can get a comparative market analysis (CMA) from a Grand Rapids, MI, realtor, crunching the numbers and developing an accurate property value figure matching the sales trends in your area of GR, but you have to beg to ask this important question —

Do You Really Know? Really?property values question marks

The term “property value” carries with it that enigma, and it’s fair share of “other” names —

  • “Fair Market Value”
  • “Property Estimate”
  • “Current Market Value”

And sometimes it can be confusing, especially when dealing with other figures from property tax assessmentshomeowners insurance value, mortgage balances, comparables, initial cost of the house, the desired value. What we think the home costs is one thing; what it really costs is completely different here in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Here’s Where You Can Find Out the Actual Grand Rapids Property Value

No property assessments (without taking into account the GR market trends) and no outlandish comparables either. This is just straight, factual, to-the-point, nuts and bolts, paint-and-rollers and shingles by-the-numbers for this western Michigan city known for furniture. And why is this important?

(You tell me. You’re the one reading this. Just click on “What’s My Home Worth” and find out what you really want to know about your own property.)