An Earnest Deposit Could Be Your Ticket To Winning Your Bid

The housing market in Grand Rapids is competitive. Well – probably everywhere. Yesterday a friend lost a bidding war, and she was shocked.

She shouldn’t have been. She thought because she extended herself in order to bid asking price (She’s a bargain shopper and a coupon clipper) she was a shoo in, and the realtor seemed so affirming to her offer. How could they not accept it?

Another family who had already sold their home and were very sick of staying with family offered 33k over asking with an attractive earnest deposit. That’s how.

A Realtor’s Attitude Is Not The Indicator Of Being The Top Bidderchristmas-gift-box-14109686029mB

This decision isn’t really up to the realtor. That positivism and encouragement that you are hopefully getting is more about getting your business and referrals from  is the connection between the realtors attitude and if you will step foot in the house after the offer is made.

Comparison of the offers on the table is the real war. You play a card, and shut your eyes. Maybe you could put a pretty ribbon on it, too. Just for safe playing – in hope to lead to safe keeping.

How Does An Earnest Deposit Work?

The earnest deposit can definitely make your offer more attractive. It’s like saying, the paperwork process towards closing will take awhile, but here, I’ll give you 1-3% of your asking price in cash 1-3 days after you accept my offer. Because I’m a good person, and I really want you to accept my offer. It makes it feel to the seller that you will put in effort upfront to take care of their beloved asset.

Good Faith Deposit is Synonymous For Earnest Deposit And A Bow On A Package

If having an earnest deposit seems unrealistic to your financial situation, that’s understandable. This deposit is separate than the down payment, and the savings ready and waiting was hard to come by.

You have already applied for a new line of credit with a mortgage. Asking for another in a personal loan for an earnest deposit amount will roll into one-try…and won’t hurt your score for pursuing more credit all at once. It’s actually the perfect time to ask.

Don’t lose the house of your dreams because your offer wasn’t attractive enough. It’s a competitive market out there.

Click here to pursue your means to an end, in the form of good faith – this time known as a personal loan. Related: how to install water dispenser pump, soundtoys black friday sale 2022, west elm upholstered storage bed, assisted living new jersey medicaid, ireland solo female travel, dell latitude 7480 core i5 6th generation, weyerhaeuser storage boxes, ranch houses for sale in north olmsted, decorative glass window, schlagwerk cap200 cajon pedal, fireplace remote battery size, muc off motorcycle silicon shine, green oaks creek farm, outdoor remote control storage box, oushak rugs reproduction,Related: advantages and disadvantages of vark learning style, louis theroux: under the knife receptionist, celsius territory manager salary, army officer time in grade requirements for retirement, what does pennywise look like without makeup, is john alderton still alive, aiza jae mcdaniel age, saddleworth moor car park, what does water represent spiritually, yorkville school staff, apartments 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Word On The Street: Rent Is More Expensive Than Buying

“I don’t want to be trapped in a 30 Year Mortgage – or a 30 Year Anything!”


Vincent van Gogh – Houses at Auvers

“I don’t want the hassle of ownership.”

We HEAR YOU, but please, we have a point and plea. Carry on…

Millennials and Generation Z’s are pouring into Grand Rapids between Grand Valley, Aquinas, Ross Education Center, Ferris State University’s Kendall, Western, MSU Medical School, of course, Grand Rapids Community College and more. It’s not a secret anymore how awesome Grand Rapids is (Thanks ArtPrize!) and people are graduating – and staying put. It’s true – read about it here. 

That dorm life is translating into roommate situations, and remaining that way. Even married couples are getting a mortgage and keeping a roommate or two. The Co-Op James Russel House isn’t the only one with these cooperative living ideas! Little micro-communities is partly what’s making Grand Rapids so great! It’s been known that GR is a great place to buy and flip, or become the not-slum-lord.

We do hear the aches of gentrification – and people are talking about how to respect and join the existing communities while being a part of an expanding local economy. Read a three part series on race from Grand Rapids Home Values Here: Let’s Talk Racial Inequality: History, Specifics and Solutions.

One Solution We At Grand Rapids Property Value Really Love Is: OWNERSHIP

If there’s a tension between the Grand Rapids natives and the new kids on the block…and there’s a really high incentive for big money to buy up all the real estate and rent to this not-so-secret growing population. That’s not the Grand Rapids native’s favorite option. Big investors owning your block, while you struggle to hang on…as they charge more and more for rent because they can. Yeah, not ideal.

Why not? If you walking around town (playing Pokémon Go – look up) and you may be able to guess which homes are owned by the tenant and which homes are rented by the tenant (all home are owned by someone – or some corporation).

As a general rule of thumbs-up,

The Tenant Owned Homes Are Kept Up Better Because Ownership Results In Pride

rentRent results in carelessness because yeah, it’s not yours. You can care…less…Read the  The Pros and Cons of Owning Vs. Renting.

Pride in the homes in your community IS pride in your community. Ownership equals more pride. The hassle of ownership IS the never ending desire to care for what you own. Some will call it burden. Some will have a roommate to do the work with and then share a refreshing beverage, waving to neighbors and sitting on the porch — heaven.

Cat sitting is nice… It’s a whole different ball of yarn to be a cat mom or dad. That cat is better cared for by mom or dad. That cat wants a mom or dad, but it’ll purr for whoever is nice enough, sure.

Our Community Will Be Better Cared For If More Of You Are In A Home…”Owning It”

“Own it” means, do it well. 

Now – some of you are millennials that don’t have credit…you listened to your human mom or dad tell you the woes of credit cards so you didn’t get any. You may not have been the roommate mom or dad that took care of the bills, building up red tape, system tolerance (winky face).

Some of you don’t care about that because you don’t want to own a home anyway. But do you really see what that means now? Pay more per month, for what? Do you want to pay more per month without even the chance of that coming back to you in some form of benefit? Not really, just a guess.

Just because you get a mortgage doesn’t mean you need to stay in it forever. You can sell it! You can ownership-it…make it your own, make it nicer, play poke-the-house GO! And when you are ready to move to Portland, Ireland or Greenland…you can! You can sell it. OR you can rent it out. Check out that ball of yarn. Property managers are real thing and there are lots of handy people in GR to do it!

Buying Has Become Cheaper Than Renting

There are business who are just waiting to fill your service needs…Like THE ULTIMATE RENT TO OWN HOME PROGRAM, click there to read a review and learn more.

There’s a lot of altruism in this program’s philosophy. You shouldn’t be rentlocked out of the housing market because of LOW or NO credit! There are tricks of the trade to fix this issue. The Sub Prime Credit Store is one such place…connecting you to options to build credit pretty fast. There are home owners out there who would rather have you taking excellent care of your community – through ownership… and understand your predicaments, hang ups, and whatever else.

Do you know that positive actions you take for your future WILL take some will power and of course the process can be annoying – but it has procrastination built in! And you cannot replace that feeling of taking care of yourself – that pride you’ll feel about YOU! Will transfer into your community.

Rent to own for better. It won’t be worse. And it will cost less. Let an educated representative hear your specific needs and situation and HELP you. We are here waiting. Click now. 

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Would You Like $250 NOT Leaving Your Pockets Monthly!

Thanks To The HARP Program, Of course You Would!

grand rapids

Education about the HARP Program Could Help You!

$250 is the average mortgage payment savings per month with the HARP program.

Does you mortgage total less than $650,000?

You might qualify for the HARP program. Find out in approximately 30 seconds here. 

Are you underwater? We mean, your house…is it underwater? Refiance your mortgage. You really need the HARP Program.

Do you want to pay off your mortgage faster?? Of course you do.

Our government has great responsibility to keep the economy functioning – with stability . Banks getting as much interest out of you as they can is their prerogative, and that free hand isn’t great for you…and not great for the economy as a whole. If you are middle class and all your expendable income goes to the bank, you aren’t alone. You are seen, and heard. Have you seen and heard about the HARP Program?

Last month in May 2016 HARP refinances surpassed the 3.4 million mark, read more here. 

11 Million Americans Are Struggling To Make Rent – Getting A Mortgage Is Cheaper, Especially With HARP.

Read this Article from CNN about a concerning amount of Americans – where rent is becoming unaffordable. Ideally, you spend 50% of your income on bills…20% on financial goals (otherwise known as the past – debt – and future – savings, retirement, kid’s college…)…and 30% on weekly flex spending. You and everyone else spending the 30% freely spent makes up 100% of the paycheck for everyone else. That flow of goods and services outside of the bank getting your mortgage, or your landlord getting your rent and Xfinity Comcast is CRUCIAL.

Are You One Of The 325,000 Borrowers, Prospective Borrowers That The Government Is Trying To Protect?

grand rapidsA lower interest rate will put more money in your disposal. That’s better than you being completely strapped to a mortgage.

In 2016 the government is ready to move on from the HARP initiative to stimulate the economy…So take advantage of this TODAY. At the end of 2016 HARP is over!

If all this is far too much for you to handle, seen, heard, understand: speak with some really kind and knowledgeable representatives with the H.O.P.E. Program, whose goal is to connect you to a network that worries for you. These representatives work on your behalf. Click here and fill out this form to get a call. No shame.

Why Grand Rapids Property Values Is Building A Healthy Economy

This Guy: David Korten Is On Point

Mr. Korten is an author of the Living Economies Forum, and the tagline is lovely. “The old economy of greed and dominion is dying. A new economy of life and partnership is struggling to be born. The outcome is ours to choose.” This optimistic fact/belief is only helpful.

His background is as a former professor in the Harvard Business School, and it’s no secret that he’s a political activist that’s against Corporate America.2325235254_c08b63ac5a_b

Think Monopoly for a second, and let’s get philosophical. The board is GR. There’s the river dividing east and west, and Divison Ave. runs parallel drawing the half line. Broadway is East Grand Rapids. Xfinity is general electric. 6th street bridge, blue bridge, Marquette Rainroad bridge and 131 are the railroads. It’s green, or trying to be: the middle of the board is about 36% tree canopy. There’s Alpine and 28th street to shop. Meijier all over the perimeter.

Let’s Play Monopoly: GR

And you, a blue or white collared individual set to play against the big doughs: Devos, Meijer, VanAndel.

They are going to try to buy the board on short sale with a hedge fund.

Oh, and you did not start with the same amount of money. That rule was just so you didn’t kill a sibling growing up. This is real life, and you learned to get a long even when it’s not fair. This game will be short.

In this imaginary Monopoly game and maybe real life…You are going to use Grand Rapids Property Values and be apart of establishing what David Korten calls a “Healthy Economy”.

  • Financial Stability – the opposite of “phantom wealth” and speculation on financial bubbles…real wealth has sound productive investment that responses to community needs and creates opportunity.
  • Earth Balance – this calls for a reduction of aggregate, many parts that come together for a whole, consumption and an increased commitment to the health of the earth.
  • Shared Prosperity – Everyone earns a livelihood conducive to well-being. “This requires dealing with defects in the system structure that deprive a majority of the world’s people of access to an adequate and dignified means of living.”
  • Living Democracy – Every person being an active part of society working in communities to solve problems (politics) and economic decisions that bear on health and happiness, which requires restoring the caring relationships of ‘the village’ which breaking up “unaccountable concentrations of economic and political power.”

A different individual owning one spot each would create those four things, no matter what each individual believes. There’s a cat’s game, right there. No one wins. Everyone plays. And the game goes on and on.

You know how monopoly goes. Especially with this inequitable share of wealth, you are toast.

The Game Ends, The Bubble Bursts…

The dude, or corporate entity, that gets the property monopoly may have values in all these areas(for example): financial stability (Devos), earth balance (LEED certified buildings), shared prosperity(Philanthropy), living democracy(ArtPrize?)…and could create an idyllic world…

Because things like ArtPrize are holding space for people to come together. 

Then there are things like ArtPrize creates this national-global reputation and Grand Rapids increasingly becomes a gem, attractive to outside investors. All of sudden there’s more than the local high rollers involved. 

Well known in the news, Grand Rapids is a great place for renters, rentals, flips… Here’s an Mlive sample. 

Word on the street is: Renters are experiencing a rent hike…how hard it is to find a good rental place…With so many colleges are pouring out graduates who want to stay and raise their families here because also hear how great Grand Rapids is for families. Here’s a sample from Forbes.

There’s this humm on the street of “investors”: Here’s a sample from Compass Properties.

Hummm…Hedge Funds…

These things aren’t easy to explain…and that’s part of their definition. Transparent handling of funds is not part of hedge fund. It’s in the namesake…you trim it, and you can’t see what’s behind it. Mysterious Funds…Read an article from Complete Real Estate about “What In The World Is Going On With Hedge Funds“. 

There’s this: “Vision Real Estate Investment in Grand Rapids is a cutting-edge real estate investment firm, focused on the acquisition, development and management of commercial properties in the West Michigan area. We strive to make a positive impact on our community while adding value for our investment partners.”

This is speculation, but it sounds like the cutting-edge is hedge funds, and maybe there’s that localist community values that happen in a healthy economy AND investment, faceless, far away (perhaps) partners will profit. (Eye brow raises)

There’s this: “Build local is the next buy local”,healthy economy

Thanks for playing and pulling this apart a little bit to see how greed and dominion can die to leave room for life and partnership.

“I’m Over The Hedge” Unless…

Unless…the grassroots communities that are under-resourced can be funded through big investors. Balle is a group, sort of like a rule keeper (value keeper?) for that Monopoly, lost. When the people who have the money have the priorities of a healthy economy it can be more than just bubble and bust…but bustling…

If you are interested in investing click here… 

If you are interested in buying your own home…

Why Grand Rapids Sees Beneficial Credit Repair Services

We’ll be ridiculously honest that even in our great city on the river, many residents here suffer from serious credit repair problems. Scammers are out there (so says Sherlock Holmes, right?). Sometimes the cost is too much just to get that credit score up. What can a Grand Rapids resident do to solve the problem, so he or she can get into a home with zero money down and a decent mortgage payment? Well, the BBB A-rated H.O.P.E. Program has the answer, having worked with the likes of Lexington Law for so long!

Enter Independent Credit Solutions: A New Service for Credit Repaircredit repair open door

It was recently announced in a press release that this new service was recently launched, throwing in their hat in the credit repair market: Independent Credit Solutions, their own brand of credit repair, and wow it’s making waves all over social media, through the HOPE Program’s own blog even, and through sites like OWNWITHHOPE and the Complete Real Estate Site. The word is spreading. And hopefully Grand Rapids, Michigan, will hear it loud and clear.

The fact is this: credit repair’s essential to the prospective homeowner. Even if you’re renting, or considering a rent-to-own, you’re going to want to enroll in that DIY credit repair — because the better your credit score, the faster you get into that ideal dream home.

The Answer Is Obvious: Enroll in ICS Right Now

You can fill out your information, in fact, right here with Independent Credit Solutions — the unique service empowering all prospective homeowners with the resources necessary to improve their credit. Credit repair’s only an open door away. You don’t even have to open any doors at all. ICS has all the doors open for you thanks to their new division of credit repair. Get started right now and don’t hesitate.

Your GR Property Taxes Will Pay for More Than Just Your Own House

Let me rephrase — those GR property taxes you’ll be paying very soon here will contribute to a whole lot more than just your own city taxes for your own property. We’re talking about the entire concept of property taxes, so while the millage, as has been figured, may go down slightly, since values are going up everywhere, and tourism starts to increase here in Grand Rapids, Michigan, be prepared for your property taxes to go a much longer way than your front yard and sewer system in the neighborhood!GR property taxes library

Proposed City Budget Revenue for GR Property Taxes: $37.8MM

That’s a lot of money. Tax rates will include 2.857 mills for general operations. That can include all city services we may not even pay much attention to. Your taxes, however, will keep them going. 2.4533 of the mills you’ll be paying in taxes will go to the Grand Rapids Public Library, another 1.6 mills will go to your trash services, another 1.25 mills will go to capital improvements in the city, and another .98 mills will go to all the parks you take your kids to.

When you break it down like that, it seems worth it to pay those GR property taxes! So instead of paying $413.09 in city property tax, you’ll be paying $422.26. Just under ten bucks. Nothing much to scream about, but when you add it all up together — include every faithful Grand Rapids, MI, taxpayer — that’s a great deal of money to go into all sorts of advancements our city will need,

Just Bear That in Mind

Paying taxes doesn’t have to be bad! It’s actually a good thing. But it’s even better to just be prepared and stick with Grand Rapids Property Values and be in the know about what to expect when it comes to your home’s value as well as your property investments. Honestly looks pretty good, and we can only expect a bright future for Grand Rapids’ real estate economy.


Not Property Tax Rate, But Property Tax VALUE in GR, MI

We know you’re probably sulking just a bit over the fact that you just might have to pay a little extra in property taxes in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and we feel your pain. But take note — there’s a silver lining at the end of this tunnel! Rain clouds, be gone, because we’re seeing some sunshine today in our city of Grand Rapids, Michigan. You just have to look at the situation in a different light.

Think Home Selling When It Comes to Property Tax Valueproperty tax value home improvement

Because the property value all across the city’s starting to increase, which is a truly welcome development given the fact that the past several years saw a major decline (bad for the real estate market as a whole), yes, we’ll see just about every Grand Rapids homeowner pay an extra $9.17 in city property taxes. Nothing to scream at, and we can deal with it, but the bonus is this — the market will be ripe for a home seller’s advantage, meaning big bucks all because the assessed value says so.

So the property tax rate might go down just a tad, but overall because the property tax value is going up, we can expect for our homes to be of more value, our land will be more of a hot commodity than ever before. We can sell our homes for a bit more. The comparables will testify to that. Neighborhoods will flourish. Home improvements will make their way to additionally increase the value.

It Was a Long Time Coming

Grand Rapids, Michigan, saw the slump in a big way with respect to the real estate market. But it’s now time for a change. It’s time for growth. Success. An increase in home sales and happy faces. And it’s definitely worth it to pay close to just a measly ten bucks to make that happen.

Translating Taxable Value of a Grand Rapids, MI, Home

No, you don’t have to be a genius mathematician to figure this out (that’s what this website is for, actually). Truthfully, Grand Rapids, MI, property values isn’t that hard (but certainly plenty out there make it a lot more complex than it should be!). In regards to the latest news about property values for, for instance, your Grand Rapids, MI, home, you’d think that the lower millage rate we heard about would actually be maybe even a slight benefit to homeowners. But it’s not. Want to know why?

Taxable Value Does Change When It Comes to PropertyGrand Rapids, MI, home sunshine

Case in point: if property values remained the same year after year, lower millage rates would definitely see a decrease in city property taxes. For sure. About 1.4 cents, to be exact. But that’s not the case here in the everyday Grand Rapids, MI, home, for instance.

Property values change every year one way or another. This can take a lower millage rate and turn the taxable value into something completely different. As it stands right now, with this lower millage rate proposed for every Grand Rapids, MI, home, taxable value per home having seen an increase from $45,138 to $46,141 in this past year won’t really drop the property taxes at all.

It will, in fact, raise it just a bit for every single Grand Rapids, MI, home.

Think of It This Way: Property Values Go Up, Tax Rates Go Down, But Accumulate Much More

It’s basic math. But there’s a balance, and people have to be on top of the changes like psychics on a hotline. It’s about prediction. Weather patterns. Knowing when the storm’s about to hit. The real estate market with respect to property values is a tricky little industry, but if you know what’s going to happen, when it’s going to happen, and what will happen when it happens, we can safely say you’ll be prepared!

How the Millage Rate Affects the GR Property Value

A little bit goes a long way: that’s what we want you to remember when considering something called the “millage rate.” What is the millage rate? Simply put, it’s a property tax rate defined by the tenths of a cent applied to assessed property value. Might not seem like much, but when you add it all together, that’s something every GR homeowner, home buyer, or home seller would very much like to know….

It Makes for a Drastic Change in the GR Property ValueGR property value scale

What’s going to happen to the GR property value starting this July is a slight dip in the property tax rate. Yes, it sounds like a good thing but not when you have a particular relationship going on with the millage (the actual tax rate per tenths of a cent) and the actual property value. And here’s the great thing about Grand Rapids these days: the GR property value all around is actually going up. Great for the market, but not so good for actual tax dollars even if the tax rate drops a bit.

This is what it’s going to look like very soon: we’re going to see a drop from 9.1518 mills to 9.1515 mills. That’s .0003 mills per $1K in property value. The reason why the millage is dropping (hence the property tax rate per homeowner will be dropping just a tad) is because the actual property value is going up. It’s all about balance.

This ensures the city’s subsidy to the convention and visitors bureau sits at a steady $50K. Look at it like a scale, for instance. Both sides need to be even. If overall GR property value starts to climb, Grand Rapids will ultimately have to see that the millage rate goes down.

And the Millage Rate Doesn’t Have to Go Down a Whole Lot!

That scale can crash and burn just from one ounce of an ounce of a feather landing on one side, so when you think about it, the real estate market is very much like a balance. Keep it steady, and everything’s good in the GR economy (which is impossible). One side starts to fluctuate, and you have to compensate (and it’ll certainly ruffle up the industry some, but that’s normal!).

4 Reasons Why the Lower GR Property Tax Rate Will Cost Homeowners so Much More

In all fairness, Grand Rapids, MI, homeowners won’t be clawing at the walls for a way out of this, but it’s good to know that the GR property tax rate will indeed dip just a bit based on the proposed budget for the new fiscal year beginning this July. You’d think that would be a good thing — funny, that real estate can be fickle and unexpected at times, especially in our great city of Grand Rapids, but the fact is this:

Some landowners actually might have to pay more!

Why Will the Lower GR Property Tax Rate Do That?

The fact is there are some landowners out there that paid more in taxes due to the GR property tax rateGR property tax rate Euchre increasing from last year. Because of that, city property taxes for the everyday GR homeowner might go up by just over 9 bucks this year, and here’s why:

Yes, It Sounds Crazy — Like Euchre Does to a Southerner

Bowers this, bowers that. Crazy card game. Real estate, though, isn’t that much different, but with Grand Rapids Property Values helping you along the way, you just might master this strategy of strategic financial planning based on property values in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Know what you could be facing down the road. And you’ll be better prepared for the future.